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Rexcoin info/rules

Rexcoin is an electronic escrow currency (EEC) designed by Rexcity in other to allow Rexcity users to make/receive instant payments throughout this site (

1. Funding

  • As a Rexcity user, you can fund your rexcoin account with BitCoin and PerfectMoney, you may also fund your rexcoin account with Credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer/Deposit, depending on your location.

2. Withdrawal

  • As a user of Rexcity you can easily withdraw your rexcoin into electronic currencies or cryptocurrencies like PerfectMoney and BitCoin, you may also withdraw your rexcoin directly into your bank account, depending on your location.

3. Verification

  • In case of suspicion we may request for additional information or some documents from user. This includes but not limited to international passport, driver's license, proof of addresses or photo-id with full name.

If you have any further questions, please reach us at