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Gray Hat Hacking The Ethical Hackers Handbook, 3rd Edition
Gray Hat Hacking The Ethical Hackers Handbook, 3rd Edition

Gray Hat Hacking, Third Edition Reviews

“Bigger, better, and more thorough, the Gray Hat Hacking series is one that I’ve enjoyed from the start. Always right on time information, always written by experts. The Third Edition is a must-have update for new and continuing security experts.”

—Jared D. DeMott

Principle Security Researcher, Crucial Security, Inc.

“This book is a great reference for penetration testers and researchers who want to step up and broaden their skills in a wide range of IT security disciplines.”

—Peter Van Eeckhoutte (corelanc0d3r)

Founder, Corelan Team

“I am often asked by people how to get started in the InfoSec world, and I point people to this book. In fact, if someone is an expert in one arena and needs a leg up in another, I still point them to this book. This is one book that should be in every security professional’s library—the coverage is that good.”

—Simple Nomad


“The Third Edition of Gray Hat Hacking builds upon a well-established foundation to bring even deeper insight into the tools and techniques in an ethical hacker’s arsenal. From software exploitation to SCADA attacks, this book covers it all. Gray Hat Hacking is without doubt the definitive guide to the art of computer security published in this decade.”

—Alexander Sotirov

Security Rockstar and Founder of the Pwnie Awards

Gray Hat Hacking is an excellent ‘Hack-by-example’ book. It should be read by anyone who wants to master security topics, from physical intrusions to Windows memory protections.”

—Dr. Martin Vuagnoux

Cryptographer/Computer security expert

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