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Aging is Not for Sissies

Aging is Not for Sissies
Aging is Not for Sissies

While on a Caribbean Cruise and after numerous bottles of Moscato wine and several trips to the all-you-can-eat dessert bar, four sisters decided to write a book about their love affair with food and their experiences with diet disasters. They also invited a brother to contribute some writing, and they called the book Cupcakes Are Not a Diet Food.
Since that book was so much fun and a great success, they decided to write other books in the Another Round of Laughter series, and they titled this book Aging is NOT for Sissies.
Since the books are a family affair, they asked their other two brothers to join in on the writing adventure. However, they both declined. It should also be noted that their very talented cousin Becki Angle-Martin designs the book covers. The title of this book also was inspired from their Aunt Sue.
They decided to write this book about everything from infancy to adolescence to menopause and beyond, talking about everything from pimples, Spanx, bad perms, hair dyes, adulting, and yes, even hot flashes. If they have experienced it, lived through it, or wanted to die because of it, they'll share it with you. One thing these siblings have learned is, if you can’t laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at.
They hope you laugh as much reading this book as they did writing it.

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