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What Smiled at Him
What Smiled at Him

What Smiled at Him is a contemporary, Chandler-esque mystery in which two childhood friends find every clue they need to solve a grisly double murder. But for their own reasons, they choose not to.

Lynn and Marv are in their late twenties, one a struggling musician, the other a salesman. And both have begun to question the choices they’ve made. One night, far from home, alcohol, irresponsibility and coincidence reunite them with Caroline, the longtime object of their desires. Married into a wealthy Chicago family and unhappy, she begins an affair with Marv.

A few weeks later, she’s arrested and charged with murdering her husband and infant son. As her trial nears, the unwelcome mystery pursues the friends through their searches for love, stabs at success, self-destructive lapses and leads one of them to his death.

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