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Adesewa: the paragon of Beauty
Adesewa: the paragon of Beauty

Adesewa: the paragon of

Beauty [Story of Love]

Buckle-up, It’s Storytime...

Adesewa’s Story will Blow and Spark your Mind…

A newly published African Love Story:

This is a heart warning book about love and self-discovery.

It gives you an example of how to demonstrate sincere love even in the face of troubles in life. The story teaches how to handle fame, beauty, and honor as a celebrity.

A love story that offers how-to meditate and face life challenges without harming yourself in the process.

What is Love?

Is love mere statement?  ‘’ I love you’’-that is a common expression without deep sacrifice for each other.

What has this world turned love to be among the so-called lovers?

If I really love my wife, will I for any reason plan to harm her?

Here’s a story of love about ADESEWA: the paragon of Beauty!

Love is sacrifice that two people have for each other.

Every life is a story that could be related to other people by the owner or someone else. This is the experience of Adesewa, a beautiful girl born in the village to teach others a lesson; a true story of love. This is a narrative story that shows the genius of real love.

Who is a true true love in the world today? Are you in the right relationship? How sincere are you to your spouse? Are you playing the game of love in the right way?

There is a story in you. Your life remained a story that could be told or written for others to learn from.

Adesewa’s story is a unique story of love. A must-read story for lovers and married couples who desire a true and deeper love experience.

This story will teach you a lesson and make you shed some tears.

Happy reading!!!

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