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How to Make Money Daily Non-Stop For 365 Days

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          Welcome to the world of information on financial success. I am glad to introduce you to a system that has been fetching me money daily non-stop by the grace of God since the beginning of this century. This system is unknown to Dangote, Jimoh Ibrahim, or Bill Gates.

            This revelation is divine because it was God’s given. I claimed and repeated several times on different occasions that “I make money every day non-stop”. I made this declaration in the church, public place, at seminars and workshops where I was fortunate to present papers and to crown it on the pages of national newspapers and international magazines including the internet. Here is an extract of one of my published write-ups published inside the Saturday tribune newspaper issued. December 28, 2007, and January 5, 2008.

“I have been making money daily for the past 7th years non-stop by the grace of God this is because I mean business”.

(An extract from the article ‘The joy of owning a business’

Money is vital to the day-to-day running of any reasonable family. We spend money every day. We should make money on a daily basis. Really, living expenses are growing at an alarming rate. We all need a flow of income that can meet our daily expenses. How do we make money every day? How do we have multiple streams of income that will meet our needs? That is the primary aim of my system.

Systems That Fetch Me Money Daily and Regularly Non-Stop:


For the past 12years between 2005-2009 (every 365 days including Sundays and public holidays):

1.    2005    N1,311,911.80K    N3,594.27K
2.    2006    N1,299,000.00K    N3,588.90K
3.    2007    N1,576,856.00K    N4,320.15K
4.    2008    N1,709,903.10K    N4,684.60K
5.    2009    N2,019,499.09K    N5,532.87K

A great life changing opportunity such as making big money everyday should not cost you a fortune. It is the right idea combined with little investment  that produces terrific result!

‘come rain or sunshine, breakdown in social life or whatever does not stop me from making money daily. Whether there’s a riot in town or festival does not delay me from making my money I have confessed it openly before people at different places that “I make money everyday” I have records of my income and expenditure on daily basis since 1988.”''…THIS COURSE BOOK TEACHES THE PROVEN WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE OR OFFLINE DAILY FOR LIFE

Elder (Dr.) Smart O.Oyejide


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